Tributes to
Isabel Bécu Lindsay


About a year after Isabel died, I received a CD from Ireland. It had been sent to Isabel's friend and travelling companion Ray Carignan. On it was a song by an Irish singer/songwriter named Philip Stewart. The song was about Isabel, whom Philip had met on the Aran Islands in October of 2003. It is a very nice song.  
mp3 icon "ISABEL", a song by Philip Stewart - click on icon to listen or right-click to download

Here is a little video I made in 2016 using pictures of Isabel, four of her striking black and white photgraphs from Europe, and the song "Isabel" by Philip Stewart.

At Christmas in 2006 I had some of my old Super8 films digitized. Here is a little film of Isabel a few weeks after her third birthday(on October 22, 1985), looking very independent. The music is from a strange compilation CD of Norwegian music called "Sweet Sunny North".

Link to Sabrina Seelig's
"The Time Of The
Darkest Color"

Isabel appears in a short essay published by the literary magazine The Brooklyn Rail.  The piece, called "The Time Of The Darkest Color", was written by Sabrina Seelig, the little sister of a high school friend of Isabel's, and it is about the author's fascination with her sister's unusual friend. The time would have been around 1998, when Isabel was fifteen.

Seelig says towards the end of the piece that Isabel "... walked in front of a train in Italy when she was twenty-two."  Isabel was actually twenty-one when she died, and she was in Sitges, Spain.  She was struck from behind while walking on the tracks.

There is a strange and sad ending to this story.  Sabrina Seelig, the ambitious and gifted young author of this piece, died tragically herself in 2007 — at age twenty-two.  There is a web site honoring her memory at  Thanks to her family and The Rail for making the piece available.